Blockchain is the ideal platform to manage identities, authentication and signatures. It combines the strong security and chain of trust currently provided by PKI with the ease of use and interoperability provided by social network identities.

With the development of new generation of wallets, everybody will have a secure and easily manageable access to public blockchains.

ERC725 and ERC735 are standard that are being defined to manage identities and claims on Ethereum. Being the most widely deployed multi purposed public blockchain, Ethereum is the ideal candidate to host strong identities.


Digital identity management on Ethereum blockchain

Address Certification

Collect claims, signed by trusted issuer. Prove your name, email or postal address to online service providers.

Identity Management

Manage your Blockchain identity with your dedicated Smart Contract based on Ethereum standards. Manage your access keys, review your claims, send blockchain transactions.


Authenticate to online services using your Blockchain identity. Use the same identity on many web sites, and keep control on your data.


Digitally sign documents with your Blockchain identity. Coming soon.



Community-driven governance for operational Blockchains
INFRACHAIN has its origines as a Luxembourgish non-profit organization supported by the Luxembourg government and created by the emerging Blockchain-industry. We now strive to become a European non-profit organization putting in place community driven governance for operational Blockchain use.


Digital identity and electronic certificates
LuxTrust implements and integrates innovative, multi-application and customised solutions in order to secure the exchanges, on-line transactions, identity and electronic data of its customers.

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Extend your identity services to Ethereum blockchain
Our goal is to open the platform to partners. If you want to participate in this decentralized identity initiative, and expand your current service offering to blockchain, contact us to join the adventure!

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